Prebaci na Hrvatski

Katarina Radetić


She was born in Pula in 1993, and in 2011 entered the School of Film at the Pula film factory where she made her first short film "The Man in the color" which was screened at two festivals and won two awards. In 2012 she enrolled in the Academy of Dramatic Arts, department of film and TV direction, and in 2015 in a graduate studies Documentary film in the same institution. In November 2014, she ended the screenwriters pitching workshop Plunk.
At the Days of Croatian Film, she attended the Pitching Forum Workshop organized by Media Desk, led by Roshanak Behesht Nedjad. During summer 2015 she worked for Medvid production.
A short documentary "Cile" was included in the competition program of the Days of Croatian Film 2016 and in the competitive program of Liburia Film Festival 2016.
Short film "Somewhere" was included in the competition program of the Pula Film Festival 2016.

COMPETITION , Opatija Summer Stage
Akademija dramske umjetnosti
2015, 17`
One man band is a musician who plays multiple instruments at the same time, using his hands, feet, limbs and electrical tools. Today there are only about fifteen of them in the world, and Cile is one of them. Ten years ago Cile started playing various instruments and built a carrier which holds many instruments and enables him to move along streets. Although he was told he was tone-deaf at musi...
Off program , Villa Antonio
A road movie telling the history of Kringa and Žminj, and the changes that have befallen these Istrian villages during the last 50 years, but also of the complexity of many years of marital relations and topics such as urbanization and tourism. The story is told by Josipa and Anton Radetić, married for 56 years, who still like to point out differences between their native villages. Due to the f...