Prebaci na Hrvatski


The workshop “My First Shooting” aims at those who do not have any experience in shooting, directing and editing documentary films. In fact, it is open to all who are interested, including the ones who have some experience with working on film, but who still have some doubts about how to round a story or how to distribute 
duties in a team, as well as those who have never taken a camera into their hands and want to learn something new.

A three-day workshop explaining to the young ones what is sound and what is its role in moving images – in cinema. Working in groups, the participants will learn about the elements a sound image consists of, or more accurately, they will make their first steps in learning to listen.

Author's analysis of documentary film is envisaged as a sort of discussion circle with filmmakers and audience on the qualities and faults of particular films in order to ‘package’ this or any future film by this filmmaker more efficiently for international promotion. 

The filmmaking process, from idea to realisation, filming with a small crew and initial minimal budgets, co-productions, successes, challenges and many other things will be described by the two most deserving people – director Nebojša Slijepčević and producer Vanja Jambrović. All with unknown video materials, anecdotes and advice, jokes and answers to all your questions!