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„Porvenir“ by Renata Poljak is the Best Film, „Storkman“ by Tomislav Jelinčić the best by the choice of the audience

28.08.2020 23:09

The movie Porvenir, about the same named town founded by the Croatian migrants, by the visual artist Renata Poljak, was awarded by the jury on the 18thLiburnia Film Festival with the Best Film award, Best Cinematographer and Best Sound Design. The audience has, as their favourite, picked the movie Storkman (Antitalent, Tramal Film, Transmedia Production, HRT, RTV Slovenia, 2020.) by Tomislav Jelinčić and given it a mark of 4,75. The award for the Best Director and Best Editor went to the movie Why is mom always crying? by Karmen Obrdalj and That Other Village by Jadran Boban got the jury’s special recognition. The Best Regional Film is Faceless by David Lušičić. 

The jury of the 18thLFF, consisting of producer Miljenka Čogelja, cameraman and photographer Hrvoje Franjić, director Andrej Korovljev, artistic director of UnderhillFest and television editor Vuk Perović and the movie critic and the independent curator Dina Pokrajac,  was delighted with the atmosphere of the documentary – experimental movie Porvenir (REA the association for contemporary and architectural productions), so they have given the movie three awards – for the Best film, Best Cinematographer (Boris Poljak) and Best Sound Design (Iva Ivan). “Aided by monumental cinematography, consistent editing and delicate sound design, the director metaphorically as well as physically recreates her great-grandfather’s journey, sending us a remarkable audio-visual postcard from the end of the world, imbued with hope for new beginnings.” is the explanation from the LFF’s jury. 

That Other Village is an important film which, speaking up about the past, writes a formula for the only possible future, the future of community, tolerance and coexistence. There are very few films like this and there will never be enough of them, so we hope this special mention will motivate the director to continue pursuing demanding subjects in his own idiosyncratic way.” pointed out the members of the jury giving Jadran Boban the special recognition of Liburnia Film Festival. The movie was made in the production of Fade In. 

The jury has given the intimate movie Why is mom always crying? (The Academy of Art at the University of Banja Luka, independent production, 2019.) an epithet “the pearl of film”. “Choosing a film portrait and deliberately limiting on very few expressive means would be a complex task for an experienced documentary director, sparking in the viewers an emotional world on the verge of tears is a step very few take, and Karmen did it easily and naturally with no heaviness and second thoughts.” is stated in the explanation for the Best Director award of 18thLFF. Because of the “a detailed choice of steps and a subtle change of rhythm in delicate moments create a coherent and impressive film title about an almost impossible love.” the award for the Best Editor went to Aleksandar Jurić.  

The Best Regional Film was awarded to Faceless (The Academy of Dramatics, Zagreb, Zebra Creative Network, 2020.) by David Lušičić whose cinematography had a special impact on the jury because it is “observationally following the events, combined with excellent editing and sound design whose synergy creates an intense atmosphere and for a moment take the viewers to another dimension.”

The Best Film and Audience Award will be rewarded with the money prize and Restart with the technical service for making the DCP too. All the awarded will get an original statue by the artist Saša Jantolek. In the awarding process of documentarists are included our partners, The Institute of the Documentary Film – IDF and Balkan Documentary Center.