Prebaci na Hrvatski

Education and discussion

In cheerful company, with an excellent team of pedagogues and film lovers from the Restart association, the youngest can hang out at the First Steps in the Filmmaking workshop where they will learn to do stop animation.

At My First Shooting workshop the participants will gain basic knowledge and skills needed to produce a short documentary and learn more about the specifics of the genre. 

During Liburnia Film Festival, we combine a ritual of drinking afternoon coffee and hanging out with the authors of the films shown the previous evening of the festival. 


LFF Rough Cut

LFF Rough Cut workshop is intended for documentary projects in the rough cut phase, from all countries of the region (Croatia, Slovenia, BiH, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo).

The director of last year's LFF winning film "Factory to the Workers", Srđan Kovačević, spent five years making a film about the ITAS machine tool factory workers who in 2005 became the only successful example of workers' occupation in post-socialist Europe. 

This year's round table will be dedicated to labor, with a special focus on working conditions in the cultural sector. 

The post punk-rock duo ŠIZA consists of Marko Kuhar and Branko Antolić, previously known for many years of activity on the independent scene through the bands Overflow, OSA, Rens Argoa, Suho Grlo Nos and Letarg. This summer they have several gigs where they showed that they "sound like a wil...