Prebaci na Hrvatski

Tomislava Jukić


is 28 years old, she graduated from the Faculty of Law in Zagreb and she works as a lawyer. She was active in amateur theatre – theatre troupeTheatron led by professor B. Barlek in Gymnasium Varaždin, SKS Labos led by D. Patafta, the first edition of Festival of Culture at the Student Centre in Zagreb, workshop of ambience theatre led by Z. Burić and H. F. Larsenin 2010, several months in educational-cultural-artistic association Sunce. She attended the following film workshops: Videoaktiv - FADE IN in 2012 and Blank in 2013. She filmed herd ocumentary film debut with her colleague Anja and is currently writing a script for a short film.

Three life backgrounds and three different ways of thinking related to one story. This film shows how entirely different people: a poet, a former headmistress of the home for elderly people and a married couple end up in the same place, in one Home for elderly people, where they are doomed to wait for their death. This documentary scratches under the dull surface of third age people, reveals th...