Prebaci na Hrvatski

Stefano Obino


After graduating in Dramaturgy from the Theater Academy of Milan, Obino partnered with Current TV, Al Gore’s network, for the TV formats “Vanguard Italia”. Since 2012 he has been collaborating with and has signed 3 seasons of the TV docu-series “Fischia il vento” (The Wind Blows). In January 2016, his first documentary on the famous Italian musician Vinicio Capossela “Nel Paese dei Coppoloni”, produced by Feltrinelli, La Cupa and PMG, was distrbuted
in Italy by Nexo Film and aired by the Sky TV platform. Since 2017 he has signed as director 3 TV docu-series for Rai Italia hosted by the journalist Gad Lerner: “Workers”, “Riches & Poors”, “The defense of the race”. Obino lives between Berlin and Milan and since 2016 has been collaborating with Tania Masi, executive producer and William Chicarelli, director of photography. Together they produced the short-doc BARE-HANDED, published on-line by The Guardian and the Dutch platform De Correspondent.

Opatija Summer Stage
Stefano Obino Productions , Nukleus Film
2021, 73`
Iraqi Kurdistan. What happens to war zones after the spot-lights go off? Where do its children go? The last war against Isis left 1.6 million of people in need. Half of them are less than 18 years old. A mother's diary accompanies us on her journey to reconstruct a finally normal life, made of simple things. Disordered elements of a post-traumatic stress syndrome ask to move away from the trage...