Prebaci na Hrvatski

Sanja Marjanovic


Sanja Marjanovic was born in Osijek, Croatia. In 1996 she moved with her family in Rijeka, Croatia. She was very active member of a very vibrant art scene. She fell in love with documentaries after attending workshops in documentary filmmaking. She joined Filmaktiv production and became a teacher in documentary filmmaking workshops, alongside working on her own short projects. She was a member of production team of Liburnia Film Festival in Icici, Croatia, from 2006 until 2010. In 2012 she started MA course in Film directing at The Edinburgh University, Edinburgh College of Art, focused on documentary. During her studies she actively volunteered for Scottish Documentary Institute. She was a collaborator on several student projects and also a co-director at the film 'Christmas in a day' by Kevin MacDonald. BFF is her graduation film which is touring the festivals at the moment.



On a journey to become a person we want to be, we share our happy and sad moments with friends. The more intense the problems are, the closer they push us together. Some friendships we manage to keep while growing up and some we loose on the way, but every one of them play an important role on who we are today. BFF is a film about friendship and growing up. Following a story of four girls over...