Prebaci na Hrvatski

Goran Zaborac


Goran Zaborac was born in Delnice in 1963, where he completed primary and secondary school. He is a long-time mountaineer and head of the HGSS Station Delnice. He is engaged in making documentary films, either as an author or as a cameraman. Documentary films he has worked on as an author include “Goran lynxes: the story of the 138th HV brigade” (2018), “I wish you a nice day” (2016), “Revolution” (2015), “Dance” (2006), “A Friend of My Sister” (2006) and “Lubenice” (2002). As a drone cameraman and organizer of filming in Gorski kotar, he worked on the film “Sisters” (2018) directed by Zdenko Jurilj.

regionale , Villa Antonio
V1 Travel Corner
2023, 48`
The film follows three women, Aleksandra Pleša, Diana Primožić and Nina Rosić, who dedicated their lives to caring for and adopting abandoned dogs. Nina is a volunteer at a shelter for neglected animals in Crikvenica and says that this is her meaning in life. She was also active in the area of Banija, where she led a large dog rescue project after the earthquake. Aleksandra works with the shelt...