Prebaci na Hrvatski

Ana Bilankov


Ana Bilankov (Berlin/Zagreb) is a visual artist and filmmaker working in the media of experimental film, photography and video installation. She studied Art History and German Language and Literature at the Universities of Zagreb and Mainz and completed postgraduate studies „Art in Context“ at the University of the Arts in Berlin. She has shown her work in many exhibitions, won numerous international scholarships and participated in film and video festivals, where she has won several awards.

Opatija Summer Stage
Filmska Udruga Šuma
2023, 19`
The film touches on some historical facts about the largest refugee camp El Shatt in the Sinai desert in Egypt during WWII, based on materials from Croatian and international archives and intertwined with the visuals of this desert non-place now. An attempt to reconstruct a fragmented memory of unknown history about migration in the Mediterranean as a transtemporal filmic journey.