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Once upon a youth

  • Title: Once upon a youth
  • Year of production: 2020
  • Duration: 78`
  • Director: Ivan Ramljak
  • Screenwriter: Ivan Ramljak
  • Camera: Marko Čaklović
  • Sound: Borna Buljević
  • Editing: Ivor Šonje
  • Music: Nema glazbu
  • Producer: Matej Merlić
  • Production: ADU Zagreb

Thirteen years after the unexpected death of his once best friend, the filmmaker tries to reconstruct his late friend’s life and their friendship, using just the photographs and video material his friend shot back then.

Ivan Ramljak is a film critic, director and independent curator. He is currently the program coordinator of Kratki utorak ("Short Tuesday") at Tuškanac cinema in Zagreb. So far, he has directed five short films, four of them in collaboration with Marko Škobalj. His current filmogra...
Festivals where it was shown:
Awards and recongitions
  • Oktavijian - Best Documentary
  • Trieste Film Festival 2021 - OBC Transeuropa award for the best documentary
  • Free Zone Film Festival 2020 - special mention
  • Poitiers Film Festival 2020 - Grand Prix
  • Croatian Film Days 2020 - Grand Prix
  • DokuFest 2020 - Best Balkan Documentary