Prebaci na Hrvatski

Marin Nekić


Film and television director, editor, cinematographer. He received his education at Illumination Cinematic Lighting Training, Los Angeles (2014-2015), Shane Hurlbut Master Class, Los Angeles (2014), REDUCATION, Los Angeles; 2014, Technicolor / Color Master Class, Los Angeles (2014), Werner Herzog's MASTERCLASS (2016).

As an author and director, he worked on the music video for the song "Baš sam sretan" by the band Drvored, the TV series "Tudo Tudo" (Fantastica filmes, Brazil, 2016), the pilot episode for HRT "Ugodno popodne" (2019) and the video clip of the song "Samo moja" by singer Mile Kekin. He signs the editing of the documentary film "Ljubav oko svijeta" (2020). He directed the pilot TV series "Balkanci na Marsu" (2020). He is the director of photography in the television series "Startaj Hrvatska" (2021/2022).

In 2016, he was nominated for the Radar award for the music video "Baš sam sretan".

izvan konkurencije / out of competition , off program , regionale , Villa Antonio
Cirk Pozor
2022, 13`
A short film inspired by the life of the famous American clown Emmett Kelly, based on his autobiographical book "My life in tatters and smiles". He was remembered as a clown misfit with a sad face who was a mirror for thousands of poor, rejected people of similar destinies who looked at him and felt that they were not alone.“By laughing at me, they really laugh at themselves”