Prebaci na Hrvatski

Lucija Brkić


Lucija Brkić in Pula, in 2000. Through primary and secondary education, she was mainly engaged in dramatic and theatrical arts. Moving to Rijeka, she started working in film, through the Filmaktiv association, where she became an active member in 2021. He is currently in his third year of undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Philosophy in Rijeka, Department of Cultural Studies. So far, she has directed two film titles: "Vita" (2020) and "One Friday Afternoon" (2021).

19. LFF , Opatija Summer Stage
The reality we live may not be the one we would choose. How, then, to accept this imposed fate?
Opatija Summer Stage
What form does trauma take when it is compressed into our own room and the sounds around us? By fragmenting intimacy and experience, an attempt to take control of emotions is not always successful. What then happens to fear, when the danger has "passed"?