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Elvis Lenić


Elvis Lenić was born in 1971 in Pula, Croatia. He graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the Rijeka Technical University. Elvis is a film critic and an author of numerous documentaries.

OFF Program - 10. LFF
Dokumentarni film „Drug Ferlin“ portret je nesvakidašnjeg vodnjanskog umirovljenika, 80-godišnjeg Antona Ferlina kojeg kamera prati u njegovoj vrlo aktivnoj svakodnevnici ističući njegove generacijske, zavičajne i osobne posebnosti. Tako se slojevitim pristupom ističe i povezanost glavnog lika s mnogim aktualnim društvenim problemima i pitanjima – antifašizam, radništvo i kapitalizam, lokalni i...
The beginning of a biggest and most important adventure.
COMPETITION , Opatija Summer Stage
Samostalna produkcija
2015, 15`
On 9 January 1944, fascists came to the Istrian village Bokordići. They burnt houses and killed adult villagers. The surviving inhabitants, who were children at the time, recollect the tragic night and reconstruct the story that is seven decades old through their narrations.
16. LFF , Program , World premiere , COMPETITION , Opatija Summer Stage
(World Premiere)
2018, 18`
Traditional customs of Istria. Singing. Gastro pleasure. All this in the ancient ritual of pig slaughter. What is the significance of meat today? Can we give up on its utilitarian rudimentary due to political, ecological, nutritional and other contemporary trends?!
17. LFF , Opatija Summer Stage
The story of the traditional competition in ''Plufism'', a discipline in which the sound of the rock thrown into the water is valued. It is held in the Lim Channel on the west coast of Istria. This is the movie that says - you can't go crazy if you are already mad!
19. LFF , Opatija Summer Stage
"Monologue about Pula" is a short documentary-experimental film inspired by the cult film "Monologue about Split" directed by Ivan Martinac. The film lasts the same as "Monologue about Split", exactly 7 minutes and 21 seconds, uses the same music - Ravel's "Bolero" and the same ratio and length of individual sequences, and is edited entirely from film mat...