Prebaci na Hrvatski

Edukacija i razgovori

From August 24th to 27th, filmmakers Igor Crnković and Sara Salamon are preparing My First Shooting workshop. At the workshop participants will gain basic knowledge and skills needed to produce a short documentary and learn more about the specifics of the genre. Workshop participants will have the opportunity to work with the camera and sound recorder, to edit and, of course, to enjoy every step of the way. The workshop is intended for participants aged 14+ and is held all five days of the festival.

Learn how stop animation works, in a fun way, with Wanda and Vanya from Restart. First steps in filmmaking thematizing Earth in Space.

The workshop is intended for children aged 7 to 10 who want to go through the basics of stop animation in three days: making a flipbook, drawing, watching, listening, recording! They will think through found objects, pictures, drawings and recorded sounds, to explore all the ways we can come up with a story.

During Liburnia Film Festival, we combine a pleasant daily ritual of drinking afternoon coffee (or another drink) and hanging out with the authors of the films shown the previous evening of the festival. From August 25th to 28th, we meet at the Festival Corner, Caffe bar Eugenian.

Dana Budisavljević will give a lecture on the film that marked 2019, winning more than 17 awards with an emphasis on the research process that preceded the making of the film, the creation of a hybrid genre of feature-length documentary film and cinema distribution.

A round table with film directors from the State of Emergency program, on the extremes of our political present, whether it occurs in the “old” democracies such as Norway, Sweden and Germany, or in the “troubled east”, in Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia.