Prebaci na Hrvatski

Mlungu - The White King


A Croatian sailor was arrested in connection with the biggest ever drug bust by South African authorities, who seized 230 kilos of uncut cocaine in his room on the ship en route from Argentina to Europe. After five years in prison, he is back home. A filmmaker is following him on a personal journey where he deals with consequences of his decisions, tries to find a way to live a normal life and neglect the temptation of repeating the same mistakes. In prison they called him “Mlungu – The White King”, convinced that he is the boss of the mafia and not just a mule. Now he is struggling between settling down and playing the role of “the king” once again.

David Lušičić was born in 1976 in Rijeka, Croatia. He works as an independent filmmaker, lecturer and interdisciplinary culture project manager. He finished his MA studies in TV and Film directing at Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb. He holds a Master degree in Scenography from Central Saint Mar...
Festivals where it was shown:
  • 2022. - ZagrebDox (Zagreb, Croatia)