Prebaci na Hrvatski

25.08. 20:15

That Other Village

25.08. 20:15
(World Premiere) Synopsis:

Hidden in the outskirts of Europe, nested between two mountains in Eastern Croatia, lays a village that changed twice its name, population and its own history. This village, that has two cemeteries, is immersed in numerous unspoken and conflicting memories passed on from generation to generation. Recollection of past inter-ethnic conflicts is being transformed as to forever keep a seed of future suffering, trauma and war. The village that used to be the home of two nations becomes a paradigm of a vicious circle of mutual feelings of injustice and generalization of guilt, forever trapped in condensed historical traumas of the 20th century. Through conversations with members of both ethnic groups, a deep chasm opens in front of the viewer. Fluent and contradictory, these seemingly authentic personal memories are strongly shaped by collective ethnicity. In times of major social crises, they will again serve as a trigger for new conflicts.

Jadran Boban is a documentary filmmaker living in Zagreb, Croatia. He has directed several documentary films and documentary Tv series. The films include That Other Village, released in 2020., No One's which has won The best documentary film award at Tuzla film Festival (Bosnia and Herzegovina),...