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25.08. 22:30

Long Live Bulgaria

25.08. 22:30
(a part of Rijeka 2020 - ECoC programme)
  • Title: Long Live Bulgaria
  • Year of production: 2017
  • Duration: 55`
  • Director: Adela Peeva
  • Screenwriter: Adela Peeva
  • Camera: Dimitar Skobelev, Plamen Ghelinov, Svetla Neikova
  • Sound: Alexandra Apostolova
  • Editing: Alexandra Apostolova
  • Music: Nema glazbu
  • Producer: Adela Peeva
  • Production: Adela Media Film and TV Production , Bulgarian National Television

The film Long Live Bulgaria focuses the attention of the public on a serious problem - the revival of nationalism in Bulgaria. In the course of three years we traced the development of several young people from Sofia, Stara Zagora and Plovdiv – big cities in Bulgaria. These are young people with a strongly developed patriotic feeling, who define themselves as patriots and more often as nationalists.

Driven by patriotic sentiments and a desire to affirm their own identity, these young people cross the thin line between patriotism and a pronounced nationalism. Indifference, or the overt support of the "elderly" deprive them of a corrective, and that means that the generation growing in Bulgaria today is prone to chauvinism and aggressive nationalism. They all think the future belongs to them. However, the question is: what future can we expect?

Where is the border between patriotism and nationalism? When and how does the awareness of patriotism and nationalism begin? Who is involved in this awareness: teachers, parents, friends, intellectuals, local authorities?

Adela Peeva is born in 1947, Sofia, Bulgaria. She graduated from the Academy for Film, Theatre and TV in Belgrade. From 1973 to 1990 she made more than 40 documentaries. From 1988-1989 Peeva was a film director in Nu Boyana Film Studios in Sofia. Since 1991, she has been the founder and owner of...
Festivals where it was shown:
  • 2019. - ZagrebDox (Zagreb, Croatia)