Prebaci na Hrvatski

26.08. 20:15


26.08. 20:15
(Croatian Premiere) Synopsis:

This short documentary essay follows the process of installing a monument of the first Croatian President, Franjo Tudjman in Zagreb, just before its unveiling. It brings out a critical social context by using video footage that guides us from the very beginning of the process till the end when we see protests of crowds and police corridors protecting this piece of sculpture from human presence.
The documentary combines observational and archival footage taken just a few days before the opening ceremony when the monument was wrapped in a thick layer of nylon. During these few days it was exposed to all weather conditions. The location is determined by roads that separate the monument from all pedestrian paths. The visual concept of the film is determined by the continuous contrast between the extreme stillness of the monument and the continuous motion that occurs either in front of or behind this object.

David Lušić was born in 1976 in Rijeka, Croatia. He graduated in scenography from the Central Saint Martins University in London and architecture from the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana. He is currently finishing MFA study of documentary filmmaking at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb....
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