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Yalla Yalla

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The film tells a story of Darja Čemeljić and Oleg Medica, two adventurers on an unpredictable journey through Israel and Palestine. In winter of 2015, Darja and Oleg arrive in Tel Aviv and stay with two Israeli friends, Ohad and Tal. Having fun together, they explore Israel and the Dead Sea while expressing their views about the current situation in the country. After that, while hitchhiking to Jerusalem, they meet an American arms dealer who tells stories about recent murders and about a prison which holds the worst terrorists. After a short sightseeing of Jerusalem, they go towards Hebron, a Palestinian city with the most conflicts recorded. Although Israeli soldiers try to talk them out of it because of the life-threating situation there, not until they enter the city do Darja and Oleg realize that they are actually entering the war zone. In Hebron, they stay with a Palestinian guy, Mohamed, who takes them to a demonstration organized by families of victims. The demonstration starts with a peaceful assembly but then escalates into shooting on the streets, which puts Darja and Oleg in danger. The film „Yalla Yalla“ takes you to a journey full of unexpected and dangerous situations which will arouse emotions and make you think.

Marko Paradžik was born in 1991. in BiH, but after just a few months escaped to Germany with his family because of the Homeland War. Five years later he moved to Kastav, Croatia. After finishing high school, he started his education at the IT collage in Rijeka. During his time as a student, he en...