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The film Nowhere poetically explores the personal experience of departure/return and rebuilding identities. Dramaturgy consists of two backbones - a scene portraying a sculpture "Before the dawn" by Neli Ružić and the monument of Bogdan Bogdanović "The Guardian of Freedom", both of which were set up at the Klis fortress during the different moments in history. The conditions in which these sculptures have been found activate the archeology of time, invisible and erased history.
The film intends to use narration and visuals to depict the interweaving of personal, autobiographical and historical situations, individual and collective memories, but also the concept of identity as an unstable structure.

Neli Ružić (1966, Split), graduated painting from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade (1990), and completed MA studies at the Facultad de Artes, UAEM, Mexico (2013). She has actively participated in the Croatian artscene until the end of the 90’s when she moved to Mexico. Since 2003 she taugh...
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