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The Occupant

20.08. :0
(World Premiere)
  • Title: The Occupant
  • Year of production: 2018
  • Duration: 16`
  • Director: Nika Obučina
  • Screenwriter: Nika Obučina
  • Camera: Dražen Žerjav, Tomislav Josipović
  • Sound: Dražen Žerjav
  • Editing: Dražen Žerjav, Nika Obučina
  • Music: Ian Post
  • Producer: Željka Kovačević
  • Production: Fade In

Zlatko Cvetković is a retired driver of, what once was, a successful company Kamensko. During his service, he was granted an apartment within the factory complex, which he still lives in.
After Kamensko was sold, Zlatko became the occupant. New owners are trying everything to dislodge him from the apartment, which is why Zlatko is forced to take legal actions.
The film follows the struggle of a disempowered pensioner whom the corporation wants to seize the only one thing he has - a ruinous apartment that he lays claim to.
The attractive location of the apartment in the center of Zagreb is the trigger for the perfidious action of the company directed against Zlatko, in which they are everything but gentle, they first subdue the flow of fresh water, and then cut off the electricity. Left in the inhumane conditions, Zlatko reveals his story of how he found himself in this situation, the story of the struggle with his wife's affliction, corrupt corporatists, and insensitive state services.
Will Zlatko find a way to defeat the bureaucratic system that tries get rid of him?

Nika Obučina was born on March 18th,1994. She completed a three-year journalism study. Although she filmed dozens of journalistic reportages, her real love are documentaries. She currently works as a journalist and cameraman.
Festivals where it was shown:
  • 2018. - WORLD PREMIERE (16th LFF, Opatija, Croatia)