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Drama is Overrated

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Autobiographic documentary that depicts veterinary Sunčica’s struggle to take her passionate hobby of documentary filmmaking to another level by enrolling the Academy of Dramatic Art.

Sunčica Ana Veldić is a veterinarian and a filmmaker from Zagreb where she studied Documentary film at the Academy of Dramatic Art. She is also a member of the Zagreb Cinema Club, where she made several award-winning documentary and experimental shorts (Croatian Virgin, The Tenant, Hux Flux, co-d...
Festivals where it was shown:
  • 2018. - 11. Gledalište Kinokluba Zagreb (Zagreb, Hrvatska)
  • 2017. - Revija studentskog filma (Zagreb, Hrvatska)
  • 2017. - 49. Revija hrvatskog filmskog stvaralaštva (Vrbovec, Hrvatska)
  • 2018. - 16th Tabor Film Festival (Veliki Tabor, Croatia)
Awards and recongitions
  • 49. Revija hrvatskog filmskog stvaralaštva - prva nagrada
  • Revija studentskog filma - glavna nagrada
  • 11. Gledalište Kinokluba 2018. - nagrada Maksimilijan Paspa, nagrada žirija kritike
  • 16th Tabor Film Festival - Special Mention