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The Settlers - Our New Armed Neighbours

27.08. :0

«The Settlers - Our New Armed Neighbours» is a documentary that deals with the Jewish occupation of the Palestinian territory in the West bank. The politics of colonization of that territory is illegal by the International law, nonetheless, the settlements are growing each day while the settlers are walking around armed, terrorizing the local community. This fact has been continuously ignored by the media, as well as the daily non-violent actions, demonstrations and activities of the Palestinian civil society, especially the International Solidarity Movement whose volunteers are the storytellers in this film.

What’s going on behind the walls? Stones vs. rifles is the only kind of communication that can happen. Is it worth demonstrating or are the Palestinians only keeping the pieces of their dignity?
«The Settlers’» aim is to deconstruct the stereotypes and prejudice of the Palestinian suicide bomber,by portraying the subtle ethnic cleansing that takes place in the public eye.

Barbara Babačić was born in Rijeka in 1978. She holds B.A. and M.A. degrees from the University of Rijeka, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Cultural Studies and is currently a postgraduate student at the Faculty of Literature, Performing arts, Film and Culture, University of Zagr...