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Married to the Swiss Franc (Grotesque in 10 Acts)

28.08. :0
  • Title: Married to the Swiss Franc (Grotesque in 10 Acts)
  • Year of production: 2013
  • Duration: 55`
  • Director: Arsen Oremović
  • Screenwriter: Arsen Oremović
  • Camera: Vjekoslav Vrdoljak
  • Sound: Slaven Jekauc
  • Editing: Slaven Jekauc
  • Music: Matej Meštrović
  • Producer: Ivan Maloča
  • Production: Interfilm

When banking becomes loan-sharking...!
A documentary about the victims of loans in Swiss francs in Croatia and a problem that reflects the policy makers' lack of concern for the citizens. The movie addresses this problem on multiple levels: through the fates of loan victims who are experiencing personal drama – families falling apart, sickness, death – and through expert's explanations of the financial, legal, political, historical and sociological aspects of the problem. In addition, this documentary asks the question: Why don’t the reactions of 120,000 people grow into bigger outbursts of anger? Can debt on a wider scale become a means of mass mobilization?

Since 1991, Arsen Oremović (1966.) has been working as critic, journalist, columnist and editor in croatian daily Večernji list. In 1999, he was the director of Pula Film Festival, chosen twice as the president of Croatian Society Of Film Critics (2001., 2003.), branch of FIPRESCI. As a film dire...
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