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Performer, multimedia artist. Known to the alternative cultural scene since the beginning of the seventies when entering the conceptual circle and performance of water. At that time with friends creates a "mental spirit music ', and under the influence of Beuys opens the process to create 'social sculptures', starting to already belong to the rather small group of conceptual artists that questioned socialist value systems, especially the meaning of work and the position of workers. Pinos position outside of the city and his experience of workers in the shipyard Uljanik helped the 'right' to further radicalization in the space of art

COMPETITION , Opatija Summer Stage
Samostalna produkcija
2015, 8`
They existed and lived in the usual everyday… but they/you are watched by something, arranging its figurines… so some unknown force decides to solve things and take matters into its hands… so they go… lines… and the Unknown Force solves the Thing… and you are a tiny little man ant… in the game