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Vladimira Spindler


Vladimira Spindler is a professional photographer born in 1998 in Zagreb. In the last 20 years, she worked for numerous magazines such as "Gloria", "Elle", "Playboy" and "Cosmopolitan", also for six years she was the official photographer of the Drama Theatre "Gavella", occasionally working for other theatre companies. Her works were exhibited in number of solo and group exhibitions. She began working on documentary films in 2017, when she filmed "Over the Edge", "Mom, why are you crying?" (Green Montenegro Film Festival Award), in 2019 "Friendship with Trokut" and "Young Nun".

COMPETITION , Opatija Summer Stage
«Over the Edge» is a poetic nonnarative documentary film about the ballet principal dancer Mirna Sporiš. In their 40's, when the most professionals are at the top of their careers, ballet dancers are coming to the professional end. Mirna feels that she still has it in herself, but the younger dancers are taking the stage. The age is forcing her to retire. The film takes place in the C...
off program , Villa Antonio
A documentary about a friendship between Vladimir Dodig Trokut and me. Trokut was known as an extraordinary figure working in fields of conceptual art. Also, he was an art collector and donator. Even his physical look, long hair and beard, along with his specific way of dressing up, indicated his out-of-placeness. My wish was to meet him to see who and what hides behind rumours revolving around...
For four generations, women from the filmmaker's family have been engaged in the arts. In addition to their artistic talent, they share a common thread: repeating similar relationship patterns with men. 'The Genes of My Children' is a story about women who have left a mark on local culture and explores the weight of women emancipation over different time periods.