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Sara Alavanić


Sara Alavanić (Zagreb, 1998) graduated graphic design at the Faculty of Graphic Arts in Zagreb, and today she is a second-year student of film and TV directing at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. She is a member of the Blank_film incubator, where she shot her first short feature film "People stink, but they're warm" (2018), that premiered at Pula Film Festival 2020, and the documentary "Do you feel nervous when I approach you" (2021), shown at Zagrebdox. And her student film "Good Night, I'm Sorry" (2021) and "Stray" (2022) were shown at Days of Croatian Film.

Opatija Summer Stage
In the dead of the night, a phone call reveals how a friendship has one-sidedly turned into something more. Morning after follows introspection and escapism.