Prebaci na Hrvatski

Sabina Mikelić


born in 1981 in Rijeka, Croatia. Graduated from the School for Applied Art and Design in Rijeka in 2001 and the same year enrolled in the Faculty for Textile Technology in Zagreb, Fashion Design, which she finished in 2010. In 2010 she finished her BA at theGraphics Department of the Academyof Fine Arts in Zagreb. She has an MA degree from the Department of Animated Film and New Media, New Media. Lives and works on between Zagreb and Rab. Her works are kept in ESSL Museum Collection, Vienna Insurance Group, Erste Bank Collection, and some privatecollections.

The movie is comprised of five parts tackling the question of love and partnership. The idea came from the «Northern Exposure» serial, more specifically from the episode «Maggie turns 30», in which the main female protagonist turns 30 and realizes that her love life has been a complete disaster because all of her ex boyfriends had died in the most bizarre ways. Convinced that by the age of 30,...
Homesickness is a dream of belonging, being once FROM a place and not AT a place.- Zygmunt BaumanIn first sequences, the author of this film is showing her parents handing over their books to her and her own review of their heritage. She is placing both of her parents in the role of observers and narrators while they are watching old recordings of them that the author shot three years ago. The...