Prebaci na Hrvatski

Radislav Ivanov Gonzo


Radislav Jovanov Gonzo (1964) graduated from the Department of Cinematography at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb. He has directed more than 350 music videos, 50 commercial videos, 5 documentaries and one short film. One of the most awarded authors in the history of ‘Croatian Film Days’.
‘Squared’ (2012) - fiction short / segment of ‘Zagreb Stories 2’ omnibus
‘Cubismo Turismo’ (2000) - documentary

In recent seasons, the players and supporters of Medveščak ice hockey club have been excellent sporting ambassadors. What should havebeen a refreshment in sports, a rehabilitation of a sport with a certain tradition in Zagreb, turned out to be a real sensation. At a time when certain other sporting events in Croatia require security cordons of counter-terrorist police, and repressive legislatio...