Prebaci na Hrvatski

Olivera Jović


Born in 1961 in Zagreb, where she graduated from the Gymnasium and the 6th degree of the Faculty of Economics. She has lived in Pula since 1991. Co-organizer of the gallery program of the Serbian Cultural Center in Pula. A passionate art companion in her hometown. Participated in several Film Schools at the Pula Film Factory.

Filmography: Gladijatori/Gladiators 2013. ( Trash film festival, Varaždin), Radnica/Working Woman2015. ( One minut film festival, Požega), Bazen me ne interesuje/I'm Not Interested In The Pool, 2017. (West Herzegowina Fest, Široki brijeg)

19. LFF , izvan konkurencije / out of competition , off program , Villa Antonio
The author of the film hosted young Syrians in her house as tourists. Before leaving the apartment and the traditional farewell lunch, they talk about their homeland and escape from it, the similarities between Syria and Croatia, and finding the way in their new country Netherland. The host of an apartment had similar experiences during Yugoslavia…