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Nikica Zdunić


Nikica Zdunić was born in 1988 in Gospić, Croatia.She is a first year MA student of Film and Television Directing at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb. She is an active member of Kinoklub Zagreb.

Akademija dramske umjetnosti , Kinoklub Zagreb
2014, 13`
The film was made as a study exercise on the first year of Academy of Dramatic Arts under the task of autobiography. Through atmospheric shots movie creates an ambient that is as a kind of reminiscence of what is left from the place that we leave behind. By presenting my ancestors and countryside I come from the movie outlines my own intimate experience, and thus myself.
COMPETITION , Opatija Summer Stage
"Sanja" is a portrait documentary that unveils the inner world of dreams and doubts of a designer. By intertwining the motifs of her life, the woods and the sea, through a blurred lens the rational world becomes a visualization of Sanja’s own inner world. The realities of her workshop appear as an antithesis to that personal universe. Her voice-over highlights the visualization of her...
COMPETITION , Opatija Summer Stage
Three generations of women in separate hair salons have conversations with their hairdressers completely relaxed as if they are not aware of the lens that is observing their every word, gesture and movement. Throughout their conversations we get a glimpse into the world of pampering, topics women talk about during their „beauty sessions“ andthe somewhat curious question „ how intimate can dialo...