Prebaci na Hrvatski

Nicolo' Bongiorno


Nicolò Bongiorno was born in Milan (1976). He is director, producer, writer, and actor. With his particular visionary and poetical style, he wrote and directed several biographical and historical documentaries for the Italian television.
At the moment he is working at the series of the exploration documentaries, trying to develop the visual dimension of the human adventures that are becoming transformative research for an essential experience.

17. LFF , Opatija Summer Stage
Allegria Films , Pari Pikule
2018, 75`
The film is based on the backdrop of the story of legendary „Battle of Lissa“ (1866), the first fleet battle ever involving ironclad warships, which triggered a fundamental geopolitical junction for several European nations. The story is represented as a poetic and personal tale full of action and wonder in a mosaic of visual, historical, anthropological and mythological references. The underwa...