Prebaci na Hrvatski

Nebojša Slijepčević


Nebojsa Slijepcevic was born in 1973 in Zagreb, Croatia. In 2005 he graduated with Film Directing from the Academy of Drama and Art, also in Zagreb.He directed numerous TV documentaries and series, but also creative and author driven documentaries for which he received awards from various festivals (EDN talent grant at Sarajevo FF, human rights award at Sarajevo FF, best director at Verona FF, Audience award at Zagreb Dox…). Nebojsa is also the author of a short animated film Dog / Rabbit and a short fiction Slap in the Face, which is part of the fiction omnibus Zagreb Stories. He is director of feature documentary Gangster of Love, coproduced by Restart (Croatia), ZDF/ARTE, Kloos & Co. (Germany) and Subcultura Films (Romania).

Damir, 26-godišnji student iz Podsuseda, želi postati holivudska zvijezda. Uvjeren je da bi jednog dana mogao biti novi Bruce Willis! No prvo mora naučiti ponovno hodati. Naime, Damir je nakon teške saobraćajne nesreće ostao paraliziran od vrata nadolje. Film „Za 4 godine“ na stiliziran i šokantan način prikazuje razdor između Damirovih snova i njegove svakodnevice.
Restart , Kloos&Co , SUB:CULT:URA
2013, 80`
Twenty-five years ago, Nedjeljko Babić left his job as a carpenter to start his God-given career: matching lonely men and women. He soon became quite famous, thanks to his skill, but also his nickname – the Gangster. His whole life Gangster has been helping men and women from his mountain region to find their soul mates. But lately his job has become more difficult than ever - women do not want...
In 1991 Serbian rebels attacked newly-formed Croatian state. At the time there was a large Serbian minority in Croatia, spread all over the country. Croats and Serbs lived together in towns for generations. Many Serbian civilians became innocent targets of Croatian revenge. Thousands of Serbian houses were destroyed. In Jovica Brkic’s hometown Bjelovar around 600 houses were damaged. Although t...
Programme by Restart , Opatija Summer Stage
There are eight underaged girls living together in the last house of a small village in Slavonia, trying to change their lives around with some help from the caretakers. The girls are growing up together, they take care of the household and manage the estate. Every week they get a visit from a professional drummer Branko Trajkov Trak who teaches them the art of drumming. But a newcomer, 14 year...
COMPETITION , Opatija Summer Stage
A building in a small suburbian street in Zagreb became a new home for a dozen asylum-holders from Africa. But their new neighbours are not particularly welcoming.
16. LFF , Program , Programme by Restart , Opatija Summer Stage
In 1991, a girl of Serb ethnicity Aleksandra Zec was killed in Zagreb. A quarter century later, director Oliver Frljić in Rijeka posed a theatrical performance on this occasion. Theatrical trials become collective psychotherapy, and twelve-year-old actress Nina seems like the war has never ended.