Prebaci na Hrvatski

Michele Bulešić


Michele Bulešić born in Pula, 1992 . During the 12th PFT Film School, he became the author of the short film "Gorenje" for the first time. As part of the 10th School of Documentary Film, Restart is realizing a series of short film exercises. He is the cinematographer and co-author of the documentary “Knjižnica” of the short feature “Bazen”, the film “Hejana heja” from the documentary series “Istarske Štorije“, the television documentary series "U ime Oca", the short feature film "Prsnut" the fourth season of "Medionauti". education and media literacy.

izvan konkurencije / out of competition , restart , Opatija Summer Stage
Restartova Škola dokumentarnog filma
2022, 12`
Emotional confession, born in an intimate atmosphere and an even more intimate moment, provide a sketch of a portrait of the author's friend.
izvan konkurencije / out of competition , off program , regionale , Villa Antonio
The documentary about the port named "Delfin" goes beyond the chronicle approach, although it actively includes it. It is an urban story that transmits the universal problems of life at and by the sea. It is filled with contemporary life frames of the above mentioned society, which successfully overcame bankruptcy under shady circumtances