Prebaci na Hrvatski

Marinko Marinkić


Marinko Marinkić (Vinkovci, 1993) has a Master of Arts degree as a director of photography at the Academy of Dramatic Art, University of Zagreb. He is a member of MultiMedia Centre Studio of Creative Ideas in Gunja. He worked at a number of short and feature films as the director of photography. "Dark Room" is his first professional film as a director.

Udruga ljubitelja filma RARE Vinkovci
2012, 27`
This music documentary is about the first five years of a girl-indie-rock band «Punchke» from Vinkovci. Filmed in the spring of 2012 on various locations in Croatia and Slovenia, this documentary offers a unique insight into the public perception of the band.
Opatija Summer Stage
2023, 15`
Through a blend of analogue photography and digital video feedback, this film delves into the complex relationship between mental illness and demonic possession.