Prebaci na Hrvatski

Marina Baničević


Marina Baničević attended a film making workshop Liburnija Film Atelier, a workshop for animated film under the supervision of Edo Lukman and the School of Media Culture dr. Ante Peterlić where she listened to lectures on film theory. She completed feature film workshop under the supervision of director Snježana Tribuson. She was president of the Cinema video club Liburnia. Before the documentary film "She, The Theatre“, she directed two short films, experimental „(S)ličnosti“ („Similarities/Personalities“), awarded by KRAF, and fiction film „This is not my idea, this is a true story“. She is currently working on a documentary about Feral Tribune.

Off program , Villa Antonio
Udruga Facultas
2015, 76`
Documentary about Mani Gotovac offers views of the professional and private life of our most famous women theatrologist and first female general manager in the history of Croatian theatre. The film brings interviews with people from the local cultural and public life, archival materials from theatres in which Mani Gotovac worked (&TD Theatre, Croatian National Theatre Split and Croatian Nat...