Prebaci na Hrvatski

Marin Lukanović


Marin Lukanović is active in film and theatre, as well as a teacher at the University of Rijeka. His documentary film "Delta" won an award at 72nd Mostra in Venice 2015, while "Rikard Benčić, for example" (co-directed with Nadija Mustapić) is part of the Video Collection of Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka.

Delta 5 is a collective of nine artists sharing a common workshop space in the so-called Ivex building in the very centre of Rijeka. Nine people that form Delta 5 are internationally recognised and valued artists, with exhibitions in galleries in Europe, USA and China. The precarious yet exciting questions of an artist's life and work, the inspiration of the surroundings, the everyday dynamics...
COMPETITION , Opatija Summer Stage
Jedrarska street (informally known as Drunken Alley) is a small, unattractive, almost invisible alley in the very centre of Rijeka. Easily bypassed, it is an error in the urban knitting, more of a passageway than a proper street, but by all its characteristics, it is actually a public square. Lawyers and fishermen, culture workers and pensioned football players, old local Italians and newly arr...