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Lucija Ana Ilijić


Lucija Ana Ilijić was born in April, 1994 in Zagreb. She studied English and French Language and Literature at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb. She was part of the 8th generation of School of Documentary Film 2018/2019 (Restart) where her movie Mjesto za bijeg was made. Currently she lives in Italy where she is studying documentary filmmaking.

izvan konkurencije / out of competition , Opatija Summer Stage
Škola dokumentarnog filma - Restart
2019, 9`
Behind a number of sports achievements lies a number of attempts to fulfill the success story of others and thus deserve love, which I understand years later. The decision to waive was the only exit from the closed circuit.
18. LFF , Opatija Summer Stage


The citizens of Zagreb were woken up abruptly from their sleep by a powerful earthquake on that fateful Sunday morning. In an attempt to preserve the collective memory of the events that took place in the midst of corona virus outbreak, several voices talk about their experience of it and how it affected them in the days that followed.