Prebaci na Hrvatski

Lidija Špegar


Lidija Špegar was born in Bjelovar. She holds a degree in Journalism and Film and Television Directing, curse of study Documentary Film, from the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Art. Her filmography includes: "Some Things Shouldn't Be Hidden" (2014) and "The Taste of Care" (2014).

The film follows Nives Jagodić in her research about her grandfather Dr. Joza Jagodić, doctor in Bjelovar's general hospital, who posthumously got the acknowledgement ‘’Righteous among the Nations’’. Through her travels and conversation with the man whose life was saved by Dr. Joza Jagodić, we will find how much he risked throughout the whole WW2 in order to save civilians from certain death. H...
COMPETITION , Opatija Summer Stage
Have you ever, while taking a taxi, wondered who is driving you? Ljijana is a young woman who drives a taxi in Zagreb. Apart from the initial surprise when they meet a female taxi driver, most passengers find her likable and they open up to her. Driving with Ljiljana through the city and listening to conversations she’s having with a wide range of travelers, we don’t only discover the 'conditio...