Prebaci na Hrvatski

Igor Bogdanović

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Igor graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Aviation. Although he never was part of the professional aviation stories, he actively flew around the world and tried to record the stories of exotic places. He focuses on the creative expression of his " anti-stress " life attitude. He works as a cameraman, editor, musician and VJ . Sometimes participates in theater plays and is one of the members of the creative group Vibrica. Lila is his first " serious " documentary.

Complex relationships between three people are even more intensified in the process of awaiting the birth of a girl named Lila. Mirta must give up her plan for a natural birth, Alen is waiting for his daughter more upset and Davor is adjusting to his new love affiar with Mirta. When becomes clear that Lila will not be born in time, the atmosphere turns to drama. Lila comes as a harbinger of an...