Prebaci na Hrvatski

Drago Toroman


Drago Toroman was born in 1955. He is an amateur photographer and has participated in several group exhibitions such as: 1983 photography exhibition at the Museum of Applied Arts, 1985 at the Foto Klub Zagreb, 2008 photo exhibition of Mosor Mountains - Split, and one solo exhibition in 2007 at "Club of Zadar" - Memories from Ghana. He loves analogue film techniques and making movies about ants, bees, birds and people. "Izzy" is his third documentary film made in digital format.

The film follows the last log floater on the river Tara in Montenegro, a wild and very dangerous river. He is a descendant of the Pendek family, the once famous family of log floaters and ‘’Triftars’’ from Bastas in Bosnia and Herzegovina. On Splavište, Fikret has a log made of wooden trunks, weighing several tons. Together with around 10 impatient tourists, he is floating it down the strong an...
COMPETITION , Opatija Summer Stage
Izidor is a forty two year old and disabled with a diagnosis of spasticacelebrale and tetraparesis, piece of metal in his lungs and single kidney. He lives with his sick parents. Mother has undergone chemotherapy, and father is suffering from PTSD plus survived two brain stroke.Izidor's sister is unemployed mother of three children. The film is a mixture of their everyday life and hidden fear o...