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Davor Borić


Davor Borić was born in Zagreb in 1966. Since 1996 he has been working for Croatian Television (HTV) as a video producer and director. Although his primary field of focus is religious program, he runs projects in other domains as well. Borić has directed a number of documentary reports and several documentary films. At the 16th Croatian Film Days, he was awarded for his TV documentary «Following memories». He also received special awards at the first Croatian Religious Film Festival in Rijeka and the Magnificat Film Festival in Belarus.

U konkurenciji - 10. LFF
Film opisuje pokladne običaje u selima Donja Bebrina i Ruščica u srcu Slavonije. Iako u osnovi tradicionalni, ljudi još uvijek pronalaze razne načine kako bi ih prilagodili modernom vremenu.Synopsis:The film describes carnival customs of the village Donja Bebrina and Ruščica located in the heart of Slavonia. Although principally traditional, the inhabitants still manage to find various ways to...
Andrej Macko is a man whose artistic outlook was shaped by his life experience in the Croatian War of Independence and the postwar disillusionment in the civic normsof life. All of this has opened his creative outlet and Macko went the uncompromising way – embracing the image of himself as an artist and a man of nature.