Prebaci na Hrvatski

Andrea Celija


Andrea Celija (1985) was born in Puli. Graduated sociology on the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana. She participated in a lot of film workshops: Documentary Film Workshop (Global Sofa, Ljubljana), Film seminar/laboratory (JSKD, Ljubljana), Zagreb Jewish Film Festival (International Talent Workshop), Zagreb Dox Pro, Anidox Adriatic (Pula) ipd. "Janez" was ker first short documentary film which got an award for the best slovenian short film with LGBT topic na at 28th LGBT film festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She is working in DZMP association (Luksuz production) in Krško.

The film follows a young, transgender female to male person from Croatia, who should have started a process of hormone therapy. Instead of getting what her therapist and doctors had promised him, hestruggles with an ignorant and unprofessional medical system, which keeps postponing the start of his medical treatment. The film is a story of waiting for a personal change, which means the world to...