Prebaci na Hrvatski

Ana Golja


Ana Golja. uni. dipl. Archaeologist, finished the Archaeology at the University of Ljubljana. During her studies, from 2002 till 2008, Ana was actively working on the excavation sites in Slovenia and Italy after which she is employed in the Žmergo as the project manager for the national and European projects on the sustainable development, protection of environment, natural and cultural heritage. During her time in Žmergo she is also serving as the president of the Association, the term expiring in year 1017. The film work was first encountered in Žmergo, where for the purpose of implementing projects, she started with writing screenplays and directing.

Off program , Villa Antonio
Udruga Žmergo , Udruga UKUS
2015, 22`
Claustra is a documentary about forgotten archaeological heritage from the period of late antiquity. Although it is as important as the Wall of Hadrian or Danube Limes, this largest Roman building and military system from the second half of 3rd and 4th century located in today's Croatia and Slovenia is still unknown to many. This documentary takes us through parts of Claustra in Croatia and Slo...