Prebaci na Hrvatski

Aleš Suk


Born in Czech Republic, Aleš attended several art schools and Academies. He graduated in 2002 at FAMU in Prag on the directing of animation and multimedia. The magisterium in 20014, was made on the same University, where he from the same year forward teaches film montage. From the year 2009 till 2013 he is the lecturer on the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka. From 2012 is one of the cofounder, tutors and organisers of the Platform for the support and development hybrid AV projecrts REFINERI. He’s a producer and director of countless short movies and music spots, on the movies „Winter miracle“ and „Marijine“ of director Željka Sukove he’s co-signing camera, montage and production, all made in the production of UKUS. His movie projects were shown at festivals on five continents, including the gala night of MOMA’s Documentary Fortnight in New York. Aleš worked as a selector on several festivals and cinemas, as movie mentor or a member of the jury he toured throughout Europe and part of North and South America.

Off program , Villa Antonio
Udruga Žmergo , Udruga UKUS
2015, 22`
Claustra is a documentary about forgotten archaeological heritage from the period of late antiquity. Although it is as important as the Wall of Hadrian or Danube Limes, this largest Roman building and military system from the second half of 3rd and 4th century located in today's Croatia and Slovenia is still unknown to many. This documentary takes us through parts of Claustra in Croatia and Slo...