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26.08. 22:45

Yet Another Departure

26.08. 22:45
  • Title: Yet Another Departure
  • Year of production: 2019
  • Duration: 11`
  • Director: Renata Poljak
  • Screenwriter: Renata Poljak
  • Camera: Boris Poljak
  • Sound: Iva Ivan
  • Editing: Damir Čučić
  • Music: Silvio Belušić, Alen Sinkauz, Nenad Sinkauz
  • Producer: Renata Poljak
  • Production: REA udruga za suvremene umjetničke i arhitektonske produkcije

In 2016, the ex-Yugoslav Navy flagship Vis was deliberately sunk in order to turn it into a scuba diving attraction in Croatia. The ship lies on the seabed of the waters close to Brijuni Islands where in 1956 Nasser, Nehru and Tito met to discuss their opposition to the Cold War and the formation of the Nonaligned Movement.
By employing visually impressive shots, the film establishes a signature spatial and temporal narrative, at the same time entering the space of fusion of personal and collective memory and dismemory, which, in the context of political and economic changes that have been occurring in Croatian society for the past several decades, acquire metaphorical and symbolic meanings, imbued with powerful socio-psychological implications.

Renata Poljak (Split, 1974) is a visual artist and filmmaker. She graduated from the Arts Academy in Split, Croatia in 1997 and obtained an MA at École Régionale des Beaux-Arts in Nantes (Film and Video Department) in Nantes, France in 1999. Her works have been shown at numerous national and inte...
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