Prebaci na Hrvatski

Vladimir Gojun

17.08.2021 14:44

Vladimir Gojun was born in 1979 in Dubrovnik. He graduated in Film Editing from the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb where he currently works as a docent – associate professor. He was appointed for two terms as an artistic advisor for documentary films (production and development) at the Croatian Audiovisual Centre. Also, he works as a senior programmer for Croatian shorts program “Checkers” at the Zagreb Film Festival. He is the editor of internationally acclaimed features (Buick Riviera, Behind the Glass, You Carry Me, The Miner, Men Don't Cry, The Frog, All Alone, Murina), documentaries (Cash & Marry, Houston, We Have a Problem!, The King, Russian, My World Upside Down, Steel Mill Cafe), shorts (It's Not that I Know, It's the Way It Is, Yellow Moon, By Chance, Breath)  and experimental films (From To, First Gasp). He directed four documentaries (Cycles, Times of Great Depression...). He has received numerous awards in the country and abroad for his editing and directing work.