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Twenty years of Croatian documentary film at Liburnia

28.07.2022 12:01

Large by number and content, the 20th edition of Liburnia Film Festival, the festival of Croatian documentary film, will take place from 24th to 28th of August in Opatija. 19 recently directed Croatian documentary films, in competition for seven festival awards, will be projected. “Eighteen more movies, outside of the competition, will be projected and the audience will be invited to the rich off programme (educations, talks, projections, music)”, was announced at the press conference by the director of the Festival, Jelena Androić and members of the production team Borko Novitović and Mirela Pašić, as well as by spokeswoman of the festival, Hana Galogaža Lanča. 

In competition, eight movies will be projected for the first time: “Nocturne” by the young director from Rijeka, Silvija Bumbak (Filmaktiv), “the rite of spring” by directors from Rijeka Hana Stojaković and Silvano Drpić (independent production), “Vow” by Montenegro director Mladen Ivanović (Academy of dramatic arts), “WAR IS OVER” by the Italian director with address in Berlin, Stefano Obino (Stefano Obino Productions, Nukleus Film), “Embracing The Floor” by Katarina Lukec (ADU), the student at the Academy of Dramatic Arts, “The Film Factory” by the professor on the same Academy and, to the LFF’s audience well known author, Silvestar Kolbas (Silvestar Kolbas audiovisual craft), “Nuovo Cinema Buie” by Alessio Bozzer (Antitalent, Videoest, HRT) whose “Trieste, Yugoslavia” LFF’s audience saw five years ago, and “Division Topographies” by multimedia artist Bojan Gagić (Greta Creative Network). 

Also in competition are new movies by directors that faithfully return to LFF: “Mlungu - The White King” by David Lušičić (Greta Creative Network), “Wish For” by Mario Papić (Renko for HRT), “The Building” by doyen of documentaries, Goran Dević (Petnaesta umjetnost, Kinoljetka) and “Bigger Than Trauma” by Vedrana Pribačić (Metar60, coauthor is Mirta Puhlovski), the winners of the special recognition and audience’s award at the 15th LFF for the movie “The Factory is Ours!”.

Two movies are signed by the authors who are famous in other art fields as well, “Places We’ll Breathe” by Davor Sanvincenti (Petikat) and “Diptych: From Love To Love” by Vlasta Delimar (Studio Render). We will also watch movies from upcoming directors Ana Klepo (“In medias res”, Filmaktiv), Toma Zidić (“A Wander Into The Ocean”, Miratrecarts, Pulsar Studios, MedVid production, Antitalent, Kinoklub Zagreb), Mia Martinović (“Collectors”, Kinoklub Zagreb), Lucija Brkić (“Do You Get It Now”, Blank) and Sara Alavanić (“Good Night, I’m Sorry”, Academy of Dramatic Arts). 

“Even though the movies from our eminent production houses such as Factuma, Fade In and Croatian Film Association are absent this year, I can say with excitement that there are new production houses and authors at LFF which will share the festival’s screen with doyens like Kolbas, Dević and Lušičić, which is especially important because LFF is, beyond everything, the place of encounter of different experiences and views on the film. There is only one criterion - quality documentary” commented this year’s programme director Oliver Sertić. 

“We are happy that the positive trend of the many movies from region (Primorje-Gorski Kotar, Istria and Lika-Senj county) continues this year, and apart from in the competition, 18 titles like that, great as well, will be projected outside of the competition. We think that this shows the real contribution of LFF to the development of production of documentary movies in this region, which was one of our goals back in 2003. when the festival was founded” said the director of the festival, Jelena Androić. 

On the last day of the festival, on Sunday 28th of August, before and after the award ceremony, we will watch the movies out of the competition, in the production by the festival’s partner, Restart. The programme will start with “Ekosuperjunaci” by the authors Ivana Uremović Gašić and the students of 4.a grade of Elementary School “R. Katalinić Jeretov” from Opatija. Following that are five movies from the production house Restart: “Museum Of The Revolution” by Srđan Keča, awarded at Beldocs, “Babajanja” by Ante Zlatko Stolica and three movies made in Restart’s school of documentary movies which will have their festival premiere at the LFF’s screen: “Kunac” by Michele Bulešić, “Book of Memories” by Maja Miloš and “Proposals and experiments” by Neža Knez. 

From activities leading up to the festival, the members of the team Mirela Pašić and Borko Novitović have invited to apply through two application forms that are open, and one that will be opened these days. It is the invite for the volunteers of the 20th LFF which is open until 10th of August. The invite for the workshop First steps in filmmaking for the youngest, and workshop My First Shooting for those that want to peek through the doors of the documentary film. Also, for the second year in the row, for the LFF Rough Cut workshop intended for the movie professionals whose movies are in the final phase, under the mentorship of Jelena Maksimović and Hrvoslava Brkušić. Last year it received great comments and successfully led six movie projects to the end. 

As always, on LFF there will be a lot of talking - every day on the “Drinks with authors” whose movies the audience will watch the night before in the competitive programme. Then, on the panel about fair pay and work in the culture which is organized in collaboration with Union of screenwriters and writers of performing works and on the case study of the movie “Factory to the Workers” held by the last year’s winner on LFF, director Srđan Kovačević.

The festival opens its doors to international collaboration so, as part of the LFF there will be work meetings among directors of documentary festivals from Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo, with the intention of establishing a cooperation platform.

All the off programme is free for the participants and the public, while the ticket is needed for the programme of movies in the competition. The tickets will be available at the entrance to the Open Air Theater or via system. 

The 20th Liburnia Film Festival is organized by the LFF association, co-organizer is Restart and a partner is Festival Opatija. It is supported by City of Opatija, Croatian audiovisual center, Association of Croatian movie directors, Foundation “Kultura nova”, Primorje-Gorski Kotar county, Opatija Tourist Board, AVC group, ACER Croatia, Ičići Tourist Board, SPID - Union of screenwriters and writers of performance arts and other supporters.