Prebaci na Hrvatski

Bigger Than Trauma


Over the course of three years, the film follows four women from Vukovar who were among thousands of those that experienced life changing trauma during the war for Croatian Independence 27 years ago. They relate their life stories through a complex process of personal empowerment, and the journey is changing their lives and relationships.

Marija feels that she doesn't deserve to be free;
Katica finds any form of change terrifying;
Ana describes herself as a lonely little duckling that doesn't belong anywhere.

With trauma so deep, it takes an enormous effort to change perspective and reconnect with one's true self. An unconventional healing program brings this group of women together as they embark on an intimate journey to the unknown. Both individually and as a group, they begin to grow and life starts to allow them to become bigger than their trauma.

Vedrana Pribačić (1977) is a Croatian journalist, director and screenwriter. She holds a Master’s degree in Politics, University of Political Science in Zagreb. She is a member of HDFD ( Croatian Association of Film Professionals). She has been working as a TV reporter and editor in chief since...
Festivals where it was shown:
  • 2022. - ZagrebDox (Zagreb, Croatia)
  • 2022. - Days of Croatian Film (Zagreb, Croatia)
  • 2022. - Hot Docs Festiva (Toronto, Canada)
  • 2022. - Sarajevo Film Festival (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Awards and recongitions
  • ZagrebDox 2022 - Special mention
  • ZagrebDox 2022 - Audience Award
  • Days of Croatian Film 2022 - Special Mention
  • Days of Croatian Film 2022 - Zlatna Uljanica Award
  • Days of Croatian Film 2022 - Ethics and Human Rights Award (ex aequo)
  • Days of Croatian Film 2022 - Audience Award
  • Sarajevo Film Festival 2022 - Human Rights award