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24.08. 20:15


24.08. 20:15
  • Title: Storkman
  • Year of production: 2020
  • Duration: 76`
  • Director: Tomislav Jelinčić
  • Screenwriter: Tomislav Jelinčić
  • Camera: Alan Stanković
  • Sound: Julij Zornik
  • Editing: Ivan Gergolet
  • Music: Luca Ciut
  • Producers: Danijel Pek, Maja Pek-Bruenjes, Miha Černec, Igor Prinčić
  • Production: Antitalent

„Storkman“ follows the story of a primary school janitor Stjepan whose life would pass completely unnoticed if a very special stork didn't come his way.
The plot is set in the suburb of Croatian town Slavonski Brod where in 1992 Stjepan Vokic, a widower, found a stork with a broken wing. He saved her life and since then she has been living with Stjepan in his home. He named her Malena.
In 2002, Malena has found the love of her life and since then she patiently awaits for her loved one to arrive in the spring. Klepetan, as Stjepan named him, comes all the way from South Africa. Together, Klepetan and Malena have raised more than 60 little storks. When the autumn comes, Klepetan and their baby storks fly away to Africa. Malena is once again left alone with Stjepan. Without him, she would not survive the winter. And what would Stjepan be like without her?

Tomislav Jelinčić gained his MA degree at the Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb and then at Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb. In his twenty years of working as a television reporter he created over hundred of TV reportages and short documentary forms. He directed 7 short documentary films o...